The National Process Server & Private Investigator Registry is operated by the National Professional Process Server Network (NPPSN), provider of Member Services to Professional Process Servers and Private Investigators to assist with business development and management. We have been doing this for many years, and our our parent company is also the developer of the popular Case Manager Process Server Software. See FAQS about NPPSN Member Services.

We are not affiliated with NAPPS or any other trade association and recommend that you contact them for any questions you might have regarding the business of process serving in your state, or any legal issues concerning same.

Why advertise on the National Professional
Process Server Registry?

Registering your firm with the National Professional Process Server & Private Investigator Registry allows you to take advantage of our online advertising and other marketing directed to attorneys, process servers, and others seeking the services of process servers and private investigators. This advertising is not a replacement for other advertising you may wish to conduct, just a sensible, low Cost investment in attracting new business without having to pay monthly advertising rates.

Our Registry is advertised on the Google Network (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista) and other search engines to increase site traffic. As traffic increases, your listing will have the opportunity of being viewed by more potential clients.

Additionally, we are adding an "Attorney Registry" that will enable attorneys to register at NO FEE.  This will promote loyalty within the legal community and provide process servers with the ability to make contacts to generate new business.

Our future marketing programs, including direct mailings to attorneys and others, along with our useful free content, will drive significant traffic to our Process Server Registry and promote return visitors who will be able to visit the site for purposes of accessing content, and locating process servers and private investigators.

How much does it cost to advertise on the
National Professional Process Server & P.I. Registry?

You can review our extremely low "annual flat rates" by reading all about our services and rates on our FAQS page.

We do not charge monthly fees for any type of listings, as the more listings that are added to a particular city, state or country would tend to reduce the number of leads that any process server or private investigator might achieve.

As an example, if we were to charge you $150 per month for a listing, and you received 50 leads, your cost per lead would be $7.50 per lead. However, if you only received 4 leads in a particular month due to a greater number of listings in your area, then your cost per lead would be $37.50.

By maintaining a low annual rate for all listings, process servers and private investigators can develop leads at a very modest average cost per lead. For instance, if you purchased a Basic Registration for $25 and only received 4 leads per month during a 12 month period (48 leads), your cost per lead would only be $.52 cents ($25 divided by 48 leads).

Naturally, if your listings are placed in multiple Cities, States and/or Countries, the greater your potential exposure and ability to generate more leads.

The National Professional Process Server & Private Investigator Registry, will be advertised on numerous search engines and through mailings to attorneys and other legal professionals in the USA and Overseas.

Click on the links to see some of the search results:

Yahoo   Msn   Google   Alta Vista
Search results vary with keywords, and various other criteria.

Can anyone advertise on the National Professional Process Server & P.I. Registry,

or are there qualifications?

In order to advertise on the National Professional Process Server Registry, you and/or your company must be an active process server or process serving agency or private investigator or PI agency that has been in business for a minimum of one year. You must also have a web site that fully describes your services.  If your web site is less than 1 year old, or you have not been in business for at least 1 year, your registration will be rejected without explanation.

If you do not belong to an association such as NAPPS, or state association, then we reserve the right to require that you supply 3 references from attorney clients that you have served process for at least 6 months.

If we cannot locate comprehensive information about you or your company by conducting an internet search, your registration will be rejected. If your company is filed as an LLC or Corporation, then we will contact the Secretary of State in your area, or conduct an internet search to confirm that the nature of business you conduct is listed in your filing with the Secretary of State as a "process server" or "private investigator".  If your Secretary Of State Filing does not indicate the nature of your business, we reserve the right to reject your registration.  If a process server license is required in your state, we reserve the right to require that you submit a copy of your license. We reserve the right to reject any registration without explanation, and will refund in full any monies you paid to register with us.

Advertisers are restricted from contacting companies listed on our registry for the purpose of selling them commercial services.  

Customer Service
National Professional Process Server & P.I. Registry

Note: If you need excellent Process Server Software, you can review CASE MANAGER SOFTWARE at http://www.npps.net/software

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