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Free Legal Forms-1 - From the Lawinfo Forms Center you can access over 60,000 free legal forms, documents and sample documents. These forms can be printed right from your home or office at no charge. You can select forms for various areas of law, for all states. 

Free Legal Forms
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- For your convenience, Lawinfo has created commonly used letters and forms that you can fill out online and print from your browser screen. It is necessary for you to complete ALL form fields in order for your letter or form to be built. None of the information from these online forms is collected at all. It all is simply used to build the printable letters and forms.

Forms Included:

- Bank Account Error Correction Request
- Request for Stop Payment of Check

Bankruptcy & Debts
- Letter Advising Creditors to Cease and Desist
- Letter Advising Creditor of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
- Re-affirmation of Debt
- Notice to Reclaim Goods
- Dispute Credit Report (for bankruptcy cases)

Business & Corporation
- Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate
- Corporate Sale of Stock
- Proxy Consent
- Pledge of Stock
- Demand for Inspection of Corporate Books and Records
- Action by Incorporator
- Directors' Consent without a Meeting
- Articles of Incorporation
- Partnership Agreement

Buying & Selling
- Notice to Cancel Back-ordered Goods
- Notice to Cancel Delayed Goods
- Demand to Acknowledge Shipping Date
- Revocation of Acceptance
- Notice of C.O.D. Terms
- Notice to Stop Goods in Transit
- Confirmation of Verbal Order
- Exceptions to Purchase Order
- Consignment Sales Agreement
- Right to Rescission
- Disclaimer of Warranty

Creditor Remedies and Collections
- Payment Request (1st)
- Second Payment Request
- Final Demand for Payment
- Notice of Assignment to Collection Agency
- Attorney Final Demand for Payment
- Debtor's Settlement Offer
- Agreement to Compromise Debt
- Dishonored Check
- Notice of Disputed Account
- Notice of Intent to Repossess
- Notice of Public Sale of Collateral

Credits and Loans
- Request for Credit Report
- Request to Correct Credit Report
- Lost Credit Card Notice
- Stolen Credit Card Report
- Credit Card Billing Error
- Bill Adjustment Request
- Promissory Note
- Guaranty
- Revocation of Loan Guarantee

Estate Planning
- Children's Trust Will
- Transfer Under Uniform Gift to Minor Act
- Last Will and Testament (Simple Will)
- Last Will and Testament (Simple Will with Children as Heirs)
- Will for a Married Parent of Minor Children
- Codicil (Modification to Will)
- Living Will
- Living Will Declaration (very similar to the Living Will)
- Revocation of Living Will
- Revocation of Living Trust
- Designation of Guardians and Durable Power of Attorney
- Power of Attorney (limited/specific)
- General Power of Attorney
- Revocation of Power of Attorney
- Organ Donor Declaration
- Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Request

Family Law
- Cohabitation Agreement
- Premarital Agreement
- Ante-nuptial Agreement

General Business Letters & Forms
- General Release (joint)
- Addendum to Contract

General Consumer Letters & Forms
- Affidavit (general)
- Bailment Agreement (for the purpose of loaning personal property)
- Bill of Sale
- Change of Address Notification

Labor & Employment
- Consulting Agreement
- Independent Contracting Agreement
- Confidentiality Agreement
- Nondisclosure Agreement
- Executive Employment Agreement
- Acknowledgement of Modified Terms (of Contract)
- Employment Manual
- Employee Warning
- Employee Disciplinary Notice
- Final Warning before Dismissal
- Notice of Dismissal
- Direct Deposit Authorization
- Payroll Deduction Authorization

Landlord & Tenant
- Memorandum of Lease
- Commercial Lease
- Residential Lease
- Assignment of Lease
- Amendment of Lease
- Landlord Notice of Rent Increase
- Landlord Letter of Demand for Unpaid Rent
- Tenant Notice of Invoking Option
- Tenant's Notice of Terminating Tenancy
- Lease Termination Agreement
- Notice to Landlord to Make Repairs
- Notice to Tenant to Make Repairs

Record and Information Requests
- Accident Report Request
- Authorization for Release of Medical Records
- Medical Records Request
- Public Records Request
- Request for Information Under Freedom for Information Act
- Request to File Official/Government Document

Real Estate
- Escrow Agreement
- Exclusive Rights to Sell (Real Estate)
- Real Estate Sales Agreement
- Mortgage
- Assignment of Mortgage
- Discharge of Mortgage
- Quitclaim Deed
- Warranty Deed

- School Absence Request
- Trip Permission Slip

Trademarks, Copyrights & Intellectual Property
- Trademark Cease and Desist Letter
- Copyright Release for Publication
- Application for License (to display trademark at place of business)
- Grant of Right to Use Name
- Assignment of Trademark
- Exclusive Patent License Agreement
- Beta Test Agreement
- Shrinkwrap License
- Software License

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